Pok Pok Ginger Drinking Vinegar

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Maker: Pok Pok
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Size: 16 oz.
Tasting Notes: Whether you're mixing it into an afternoon iced tea, or using it to balance a handcrafted cocktail, Pok Pok Som is an excellent way to add some interesting flavors to your drinking repertoire. Don't think the application is purely for the thirsty, however. Experiment with Som for finishing sauces, glazing fish, or in salad dressings. Ginger Som has 4% acidity and is a full strength drinking vinegar, so it should be diluted.

Som was created by Andy Ricker, a James Beard Award-winning chef, who has been serving these vinegars since 2005 at his celebrated restaurant Pok Pok. Som is handcrafted in Portland using natural flavoring, organic cane sugar and quality natural vinegars.